More About Estate Planning

We get several calls every month from people who want to know, "How much does a simple will cost?" The answer is always the same: "The will is free. We don't charge for documents. The documents are necessary, but they are a by-product of an attorney-client relationship. That relationship, and the advice and guidance you get because of it, is really what you're paying to receive."

Nine times out of ten, that person who called about a simple will finds out that in her situation, a simple will for the best price today would have cost thousands of dollars tomorrow, not to mention suffering and headaches for their loved ones.

Candice's approach to planning means that you go into this important planning fully informed, enabling you to make the best possible decisions for your family. The decision about what type of plan you design to suit your needs is ultimately yours to make; it's Candice's responsibility to ensure that you're not making those decisions in the dark.

At the same time, most families have similar needs when it comes to choosing an estate planning firm to work with.

Here is what our clients have told us about what families need (and how we've responded to those needs):
  • Families don't like worrying about calling their lawyer before making important legal and financial decisions, so we have thrown away the time clock! We charge flat rates only. You'll never be surprised by a bill from us!
  • Families want to be taken through this often scary process with a lot of hand-holding, and so we make it all easy for you!
  • Families want plans that work, and so we offer to fund their trusts for them and we keep up with our clients to make sure that their plans are always up to date. We even offer a free three-year review for all clients!
  • Families want their quick questions answered without having to wait all day or even all week, and so we have a team in place to support our clients.
  • Families want a lawyer that they can call on throughout life for all of their legal problems, and so we offer an exclusive membership program for our clients.
  • Families have so much more to leave behind than material wealth, and so we include our Family Treasures recording program for all of our clients.

At Aiston Law LLC, our clients know that they have affordable access to their Family's Lawyer who will be there for their families when they can't be.

Read on to learn more about our planning process.